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Ceramics of Sicily | Artists former employees of Giovanni De Simone

April 07 2021 – Giulia La Placa

The Ceramiche di Sicilia brand was born in 2015 and was founded by the artists who have worked for decades with the master Giovanni De Simone.

The artists who have been working this ceramic for more than 30 years are now the only ones left to have worked with the founder of this ceramic, from him they have inherited his artistic line that fully represents our land: Sicily.

The excellence of the ceramics, the perfection of the gestures, the technical precision and the passion that feeds their work have always been the strengths of the production. Sicilian ceramics shine in the artisan panorama thanks to the exclusive creations, perfect for embellishing and giving prestige to your spaces. Let yourself be tempted by the most elegant objects, an ideal combination of trendy design and traditional craftsmanship.